Are you in Miami and you have tendency to have back pain due to bad postures while sleeping or at work, taking a lot of weight or practicing some sports? Pros Miami is #1 car accident & injury clinic Miami.

From Pros Miami we want to help you avoid those pains. With these exercises recommended, you stretch and strengthen the muscles of your back. Begin by repeating them a couple of times and then increasing the repetitions. And remember to talk first with our doctors at injury clinic Miami.

1. ROTATIONAL LUMBAR STRETCH: Start leaning on your back, with feet on the floor and knees bent, keep your knees together and your back flat against the floor. Slowly drop your knees to one side and leave them there for 5 or 10 seconds.

2.  KNEES TO THE CHEST: Lie on your back, with feet on the floor and knees bent, grasp one knee with both hands and approach it to the chest then do the same with the other knee and finally repeat the movement with both at the same time.

3. LUMBAR FLEXIBILITY EXERCISE: Beginning from the same starting position, arch your back making your waist rise from the floor. Hold the position for 5 sec and then relax the back, allowing it to rest completely.

4. ROTATIONAL LUMBAR STRETCH IN CHAIR: Sitting, cross one leg over the other at a right angle. Bring the elbow opposite the crossed leg towards the knee, turning the chest to stretch lateral muscles.

5. TRAPEZES EXERCISE: Sitting on a chair without armrests, maintaining a good posture, join the shoulder blades and hold the posture for five seconds and relax. Repeat this exercise three to five times, twice a day.

If the pain continues do not hesitate to contact us again. At our clinics in Miami we treat all types of injuries, from injuries caused by car accidents to muscular pains caused by physical activity, always with the best chiropractors in the city of Miami.

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