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If you are injured, there is no reason to suffer. At PROS Miami Accident & Injury Clinics our mission is to help our patients recover from their injuries as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable doctors and staff utilize the industry’s leading technology to give you the best opportunity to live painlessly again! PROS Miami Accident & Injury Clinics not only use the top injury detection and treatment services, we also connect you with additional specialists, OWCP doctors and surgeons, and refer you for additional diagnostic tests such as MRI and CT scans. With a variety of treatment options, we can naturally and effectively treat a variety of conditions. Our chiropractors will develop customized care plans that meet the needs of our patients and ensure that the source of the injury is healed the best and safest way possible. If you ask for legal representation, we can provide you with options to choose from.

Injury Identification

X-ray, MRI, CT Scan, Nerve Conduction Study

Hands on Therapy

Specialist Consultation and Referral



PROS Miami Accident & Injury Clinics understands your pain and wants to start you on the road to recovery in the most efficient and effective way. Give us a call and we will find you the care you need and deserve.

PROS Miami offers various types of treatment

Treatment Types

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Stimulation



Mechanical Traction

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Hot & Cold Compress

Hot & Cold Compress

Paraffin <br>Bath<br> 


Trigger <br>Point<br> 


Therapeutic <br>Exercises<br> 


Spinal <br>Adjustments<br> 


Certified <br>Stretching by <br>Stretchzone

Stretching by

Psychological <br>Counseling <br> 


OWCP <br>Doctors<br> 


Health Insurances

We accept most health insurances, but if you don’t have insurance, we can provide options for you. Options include contacting healthcare providers or using an option like ChiroHealth USA.

Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS – known in Florida as “Florida Blue”


United Healthcare


If you are self-employed or without employer insurance – in other words, you are looking for individual or family health insurance in Miami- you can look for affordable care law insurance here. However, we want our patients to get the best insurance so we will make you aware about all the insurance products available throughout the country such as chiro health USA. We want our members to stay well and have access to worthy care and treatment when they need it. We work to make healthcare simple so that members can focus on what matters most. Let PROS Miami Accident & Injury Clinics be your partner for a healthier life.

Car Insurances

Florida law requires that everyone driving in Miami and the rest of the state must have auto insurance to operate an automobile. We accept all major auto insurance carriers and will work with you and your insurance company after your accident. It is wise to sign up for a comprehensive car insurance and uninsured motorist coverage.



State Farm

All State

Driving in Miami is probably different from any other experience you have had on the road, as drivers often do things without notice. Changing the track without using a turn signal is common and pedestrians should be careful, because not everyone gives in so quickly. Despite the traffic and plenty of highways, Miami roads are organized in a networked system that can be learned over time. Remember that in the event of an accident, it is wise to sign up for a comprehensive car insurance policy. Visit us today!

Workers’ Comp (WC or W/C) Insurances

WC – Insurance Group
Gallagher Basset Aetna
First Health Aetna
Coventry Aetna
Travelers Aetna
Zurich Aetna
AIG Aetna
Sedgwick CMS Aetna
Amerisys Aetna
Hoover Rehabilitation services Aetna
Conduent Aetna
Medata inc Aetna
Premier Comp Solutions Aetna
ESIS Aetna
The Hartford Aetna
Zenith No group

Insurance FAQs

Florida is a no fault state and auto insurance is required by law to drive a motor vehicle. This means your auto insurance company provides medical expenses coverage if you are in an accident regardless of who is at fault. The amount of coverage you have depends on the policy you signed with your insurance company.

If you do not have insurance and are involved in an auto accident, you may be able to receive medical coverage under another parties insurance. Depending on the situation, you may be able to go under the driver’s auto insurance, the car policy holder’s auto insurance, or someone in your household’s auto insurance. Matters like this should be discussed with an attorney to determine if you will qualify for the coverage.

Auto insurance should be used for injuries resulting from an auto accident. Health insurance is sometimes used to supplement your insurance or for additional coverage if your auto insurance limits are reached.


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