[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The minutes, hours, and days after a traumatic car crash or accident can be a frightening, confusing, and uncertain time – navigating the legal, emotional, and physical effects of a sudden and debilitating injury can be all but overwhelming. With good reason, most individuals spare no expense in time, energy, and financial expense when researching rehabilitative care. Does my rehabilitative center offer the best in medical and post-injury care? Are the specialists leaders in their field? Are the services offered the latest the medical and scientific fields have to offer? All valid questions! Yet, when we examine healing, it’s important not to overlook one crucial yet less often discussed element of the rehabilitative process – the unquantifiable yet essential “bedside manner” of the healthcare team.

We’ve all been there. Referred to a great doctor or healthcare team by a friend or colleague, we’re assured that we’ll be receiving top-of-the-line care, and are well on our way to healing. Yet, to our surprise, the healthcare professional is brusque, impersonal, and seems more concerned with his or her next appointment than our welfare. And our concern is with good reason! In recent years research on integrative healthcare – or healthcare with an increased focus on the health of the mind, body, and spirit – has surged.

Holistic Health

We’ve all heard the adage “Money can’t buy happiness.” Yet, scientific research now proves its wisdom! Social psychologist Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University shows, in fact, that human beings are generally terrible at predicting what factors would lead to their happiness and health: though many purport winning the lottery would elicit increased health and happiness, definitive research demonstrates that lottery winners are, in fact, no healthier or happier over time than their less (monetarily) fortunate counterparts.

What Surprising Factor Leads to Increased Health?


Recently, researchers Steve Cole and Barbara Fredrickson, in conjunction with the National Academy of Sciences, conducted a study that produced fascinating results. The duo evaluated levels of cellular inflammation in individuals that described themselves as “very happy.” (Inflammation, many posit, is at the root of cancer and other diseases and is generally high in people who endure a great deal of stress.) Intriguingly, Cole and Fredrickson found that individuals who live a life high in purpose and meaning, in which social and intimate connections with others are strong, experience much lowers levels of intrinsic cellular inflammation, supporting lasting health! Key to their finding is that people who enjoyed the most significant health, both practiced and were recipients of one of the most salient components of happiness -compassion.

Service with a Smile!

At PROS Miami, we understand that the period of time directly after your accident is a vulnerable moment in your life’s journey, and that the quality of care you receive from our team contributes directly to the speed with which you return to health and vitality. Further, we know that it’s not just the quality of the medical interventions we employ that will effect your healing – it’s the depth and compassion of our care, the lasting relationships you’ll develop with your healthcare team that will support your longterm wellbeing. At PROS Miami, our specialists offer not only the latest in medical intervention, but service – with a smile!


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