What’s in a name? Since its inception, the title “doctor” has been honored, respected, and revered. “Health is wealth“, so the saying goes, and to the layman, the physicians of society seemingly possess the key that would unlock the door to long lasting vitality. They mend our broken bones, break our fevers, and ease our aches and pains. The magic of the bedside manner.

Yet anyone who has ever visited a doctor with a less than friendly beside manner knows this truth: treatment by even the greatest practitioner falls short when not delivered with a healthy dose of kindness and compassion.

The Power of Compassion

In years past, the relationship between patient and healthcare practitioner was little more than an afterthought, an addendum to scientific medical training. The most recent research however, turns this notion on its head.

According to a 2014 compilation of 13 clinical studies published in the journal PLOS One, a positive doctor-patient relationship has significant and measurable clinical effects on health outcomes, including reductions in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, pulmonary infections, and even chronic pain!

The short of it? A practitioner’s bedside manner can mean a very dramatic difference between health, and disease.

What Should You Look For on Your Next Healthcare Visit?

  • Empathy

A paper in the Journal of Caring Sciences defines empathy as the ability to “share and understand another’s state of mind or emotion.” Simply put, do you get the sense that your doctor can put him or herself in your shoes? If not, she may lack the ability to pinpoint the nuances of your condition, leading to critical oversights in your treatment plan.

  • Good Listening Skills

A listening ear is crucial, and at no time more important than when your health is on the line. When your healthcare practitioner is an active listener, you’ll feel more comfortable in sharing all of your concerns, a crucial detail on the path to regaining your health.

  • Patience

Does your practitioner seem rushed, or distracted? Do you find yourself struggling to get a word in edgewise? If so, it might be time to begin the search for a new physician. You deserve the best – and that means a provider that prioritizes your time, your concerns, and your wellbeing.

The good news? At PROS Miami Clinics, we know that the secret to lasting recovery lies in more than just medication. Of course, after your injury in a car accident, your individualized treatment plan will include access to top of the line assessment, treatment, and medical professionals. But our magic touch? Service – with a smile!

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