Let’s face it, we all do it. It has become one of our time biggest additions and it’s affecting our welfare.

Spending hours hunched over with our phones or tablets has caused major increase in numbers of tension headaches and neck pain.

Are you one of them as well? No worries, PROS Miami is giving you 5 small tips to ease tension headache and forget about your neck pain!

1. Use Night Shift
Activating your phone’s Night Shift or other blue light filters make the screen easier for your eyes not causing you to unconsciously squeeze and contract the area behind your forehead. Relaxing the area is important to not push tension into headache.

2. Wear your glasses

Again, like in the 1st. tip for avoiding headache while using your smartphone, many underestimate their time using their smart phone. Maybe you know it from yourself, you will just be with the phone 1 minute so why bador getting your glasses? But often 1 minute turn into 5-10 mins and add that up with all the times pr. Day you are more prone to eyestrain, difficulty focusing and again increase tension headache.

3. Stay calm and cut down on caffeine

Caffeine is major trigger for headaches so if you’re pouring down coffee, tea or other energy drinks while having a break with your phone, pay notice to how much you actual drink in a phone session.

4. Give yourself a treat: Massage your neck

No wonder looking down for so long is causing headache. Stretching and moving your head and neck around in a circular motion 10 times will help avoiding headaches.

5. Avoiding headache! 

We bet you have heard this before but it’s never to be underestimated. Make it a priority to protect yourself and take good care of yourself. Your body will thank you everyday not only in the terms of decreasing chances for headaches but leave you with more energy to enjoy what you love:

Make sure to exercise regularly.
Stay hydrated! Drink water!
Get plenty of sleep.

Final Note: If your neck pain gets severe, last of more than 2 days, or lower your life quality at all we wisely recommend you to seek doctor help here at Pros Miami.

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