Neck pain is highly prevalent in the United States. A whopping 50-70% of Americans experience neck pain in their lifetime. In fact, at any given time, at least 10% of the Americans are suffering from neckpain. Neck pain can be a symptom of weakened muscles, misaligned joints, or other problems.

Neck pain is also one of the top reasons for patients to visit chiropractors because they are known to deliver relief. At Pros Miami, we take neckpain seriously. With years of experience and expertise behind us, we can help you overcome your neckpain, sleep well, and live a better life.


The neck supports the 11-pound head 24 hours a day. With time, this continuous weight can make the muscles go weak. Chiropractors can help you fight this with the help of strengthening exercises. These exercises include levator scapular stretch, upper trapezius stretch, doorway stretch, and many others. All these stretching and other neck exercises can help your neck become stronger and support the weight. With better support to the neck joint, patients feel relief from pain.

Only a professional can help identify the issue and offer an actionable solution. Neck exercises, if done wrong, can exacerbate the pain and stiffness. So, make sure that you first consult a chiropractor before following any exercise routine blindly.


Chiropractors can manipulate the cervical vertebrae a thrust or non-thrust type of motion. Stretching the vertebrae lets them introduce motion when the patient is suffering from restricted movement. The experienced chiropractors at Pros Miami will take into consideration your unique condition and preferences to suggest a plan of action. They can use cervical mobilization, cervical traction, or other techniques to help the neck regain its regular motion. Consequently, the pain will subside too. These manipulations will differ in intensity depending on the age, weight, and problem of the patient.


Neck pain can be highly restrictive and can lead to a lot of physical and mental distress. After a chiropractic manipulation, you will feel immediate pain relief. Even if all your pain does not dissipate in one session, the chiropractor will not perform many adjustments in one sitting. Manipulations to the spine include joint and muscle movement. Therefore, multiple manipulations in a single session are not recommended. Your body will need time to heal before you get more adjustments. You might need rest, hot and cold treatments, and other treatment modalities depending on your specific problem.

Final Thoughts

Neck pain can vary in intensity from discomforting to irritating to unbearable. Every neck-pain has a unique source. The expert chiropractors at Pros Miami know precisely how to dig out the root cause of the neck pain and remedy it. It does not matter how old or intense the pain is.

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