Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, literally?

That moment when you quickly get up and twist your neck the wrong way, too fast.

That neck strain, the kind that hurts to pick up the phone or even check the blind spot in the car, can cripple you for days. Although the latter is a lot harsher, this sharp pain in the neck can cause other, more serious, injuries.

Pros Miami knows that your time is valuable, so there are a couple steps you can follow to relieve that neck pain in half the time. Of course, we recommend that you visit one of our doctors when you initially feel the pain, that way they can decide if it is a minor injury, or if it needs further assistance. Neck muscle strains tend to heal themselves in one to two days, but these steps will help soothe the pain.

Applying heat to the affected area is a great way to relieve some of the pain associated with neck muscle strains. Some people prefer to use over-the-counter heat wraps over a hot bath towel. Although the latter is conveniently more cost effective, the results will usually be the same.

It’s important to get the blood flowing through the affected area. A gentle massage on the neck area could prove to be effective.

If those two options don’t sound good to you, you should opt for applying ice or a cold pack to the affected area. The cold temperature against the neck strain will reduce the inflammation. The ice should be applied through the first 24 hours of the neck injury.

As mentioned prior, the neck pain should only last around one to two days. If these neck pains persist past the two days, you should seek medical attention from one of our doctors here at Pros Miami.

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