Chiropractic medicine is not about healing pain in a focused region of the body. Rather, it is about wholesome wellness. But there is a whole lobby out there that believes that chiropractic medicine is nothing but a total waste of time. They do not have faith in the ways of the chiropractic medicine and they believe they have a lot of reasons for that. So, are these reasons objective? And is chiropractic treatment really a waste of time? Today, we dissect, analyze, and bust these and many other myths related to chiropractic medicine. So, let’s get started.

Chiropractic Medicine is All in the Head. Is That True?

No, that is not at all the case. If the millions of people who undergo chiropractic treatment and experience positive results is not enough evidence, then there are enough studies that prove their efficacy. One of the most recent researches comes from the 2017 Journal of the American Medical Association, which talks about the proven effects of chiropractic treatments on lower back pains.

So, the notion that chiropractic medicine is not effective or that it’s all about the placebo effect is pure fiction. There is solid science behind chiropractic treatment. So, there is no reason why you should not consult a chiropractor if you have been suffering from a painful injury or need an adjustment to live a peaceful life.

There is a common notion out there that chiropractic treatment can actually lead to problems like stroke to the patients. However, according to published research, it has been proven to not be the case. Patients are no more at risk of suffering a stroke while visiting a chiropractor than they are while visiting a physician. Even after studying a vast pool of subjects, no direct correlation has been found between chiropractic treatment and the incidences of strokes.

Like any other medical practice, chiropractors too are spread out across a vast spectrum. There are the good ones, the okay ones, and then outright bad apples. So, if you are visiting a chiropractor who has no recommendations or online reviews, then there is a good chance that you will land a bad one. Of course, an experience with such a chiropractor is not going to leave you with a lot of good things to say about this branch of science. But, the mistake is to extrapolate one bad experience to an entire profession. You do not go to an under-qualified physician with a bad diagnosis and then give up on the entire doctor community, do you? Then why such a bias towards chiropractors?

When you undergo a chiropractic treatment, you are not doing patchwork at all. You are not going after just one problem area. Rather, you are pursuing wholesome wellness. You want your body to be in sync and to be completely healthy. You are creating better health. And it is not difficult to understand that such a treatment will perhaps take a few weeks to produce results. That does not make it a waste of time. It is in fact the correct use of time to make sure that your body experiences what all-around good health feels like.

Chiropractic treatment has given new life to so many patients. So, they will gladly tell you how it has helped them reclaim their life. We at PROSMiami have some of the finest chiropractors to make your treatment as smooth as possible. We are here to help.

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