RICE Treatment for Small Injuries

Injured with a muscle pull? A tear? Knee or ankle sprain?  Immediately first aid RICE treatment can prevent further complications, relieve your pain and decrease swelling.

RICE is a simple first aid method that can be used when smaller injuries occurs by everyone, everywhere and every time.

R: Rest

Whatever is causing your pain or soreness do not continue. It’s important to give the injured area time to heal and rest as it’s vital to project yourself for further damage. Avoid putting weight on the injured part, get help moving or support yourself to something.

I: Ice

Applying ice or an other cold thing will reduce both your pain and swelling. Anything can be used, we’ve seen the use of all kinds; ice, icecreams, frozen peas or normal cold packs – no matter what they all help reduce pain for the injured.

Apply for 10-20 minutes and repeat up to 3-5 times pr. Day, until the swelling is minimized.  Remember not to apply it directly on the skin, so use a towel or a piece of clothes to protect your skin from frostbites.

C: Compression

Wrapping the injured or sore area with an elastic bandage will help decrease swelling. Even some people experience pain relief as the area will seem more fast and protected. Have in mind that the bandage should feel comfortable; Not too loose or too tight and that you need to wrap it not only around the sore area but also to the area around it to increase the support.

E: Elevation

Elevate the injured area on pillows, a chair or even on your backpack if you are laid down. This will help eliminate swelling and your chances to heal faster will be increased. Try to keep the area above heart level and relax while your body is healing.

Final note

If you still experience severe pain or no improvement of the injured area after 48-72 hours we advise you to contact PROS Miami or your doctor, depending on the severity of your symptoms.

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