How can Therapeutic Exercise be Beneficial?


Modern society is optimized for comfort. We’ve come to think of exercise as an unnecessary burden, but health professionals know better than anyone how important it can be in fighting off chronic diseases and feeling good about ourselves at the same time!

The connection between health and therapeutic exercise has been repeatedly validated by research over the years. This physical therapy involves various activities devised to improve the function of muscles, nerves & organs. Research is a secondary thing. Primarily, people tend to learn more from their own experiences.

For many, therapy has been the answer to their prayers. For this reason, therapists often collaborate with patients in designing an exercise program tailored specifically toward them so as not only to prevent secondary injury but also to lessen the chances of side effects from medications and other treatments.

A therapeutic exercise is a valuable tool for many people, but it’s not the right fit for everyone. Women who are pregnant or have high-risk medical conditions should avoid the program altogether because there could be risks involved with this kind of treatment. Patients with other diseases, such as anemia and extreme fatigue, may require precautions while having this therapy. A physician should closely monitor patients with high-risk medical conditions to ensure the best possible outcome.

Therapeutic exercise programs consist of various activities like breathing exercises, walking on the treadmill, etc. It has been proven that this type of physical therapy is beneficial for patients with multiple conditions because it generates energy, creates muscle tone, and burns calories, lessening constipation or depression symptoms. In some cases, depending upon the severity of illness, level of endurance, etc., these programs can be customized to best suit them. 

Therapeutic exercises are essential for people who have just had surgery to heal the inflamed tissues. A minimum amount of therapeutic exercise can provide significant protection against post-surgery infections, and low intensity stretching with gentle walking during this period is usually recommended by doctors to achieve optimum results.

People with osteoporosis demonstrate wide variations in their strength levels and tolerance. Health experts recommend low-impact weight-bearing exercise for patients at high risk for pathological fractures due to low bone density. However, caution should be taken while twisting or explosive movements during the program.

Resistance exercise has been shown to have numerous health benefits for people suffering from muscle-related pain and inflammation. This type of workout reduces stress levels and blood pressure resulting in improved ECG results. However, exercising too much can lead you into postures where there is excessive strain on muscles, so the balance needs attention too when doing any exercise.

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