Did you know that stress can cause back pain? The pathologies related to a human’s back can not only be generated by physical problems such as injuries, it is possible that they appear due to prolonged stress.

Today, thanks to the existing studies on this matter, it is possible to conclude that stress is a factor that increases the risk of suffering back pain. This tends to alter the state of the nerves that facilitate the functioning of the muscles, causing the formation of contractures.

The back suffers a constant stress that, although in the short term does not generate any type of pain, can lead to numerous muscular contractures induced by the nervous tension. The stress causes the nerves to become rigid, causing the muscles to contract and the vertebrae to compress. In this way, the intervertebral discs are crowded into a smaller amount of space and end up pressing the nerve root coming out of the spine. This again causes the nerves to become inflamed and generate new contractures.

In the relationship of back pain and stress there are other factors that may be involved. When we are stressed for long periods of time, the nerve structures become activated, they can decrease our pain threshold and perceive it more intensely than normal. In addition, the stress, by a mere psychological question, can dispose us negatively to the back pain, assuming that we will never be able to get rid of him.

There are some simple methods through which we can effectively prevent stress: maintaining a high degree of physical activity, whether through routine tasks, work or sports, knowing and carrying out postural hygiene techniques which teach us how to adopt postures and correctly perform the usual movements of our daily life and finally develop the muscles of the back, so that we make more complicated the generation of ailments in the area. Visit now!

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