Over 4000 Car Accidents Take Place in Miami per Month!

Yes, you got it right: over 4000 car accidents per month. Are you one of them? and still struggling after your car accident? You are not alone! We at PROS Miami are here to help you and we want to, together with you, make you fit for fight again, so you can enjoy your everyday: strong and happy!

Here’s 4 simple ways to increase your inner body strength, improve your posture and every day make your body easily recover if you suffered from a car accident in Miami.

Sit properly

Relax your shoulders and keep your elbows close to your body. Let the chair support you around lower-middle back and always have your feet flat on the floor. Especially women tend to cross legs unconsciously, so see if you can make this simple sitting a habit.

Lift correct
Squat down and let your legs do the lifting. Bending hip and knees only, remaining your back straight secures you a correct lift and decreased risk for pains.

Strengthen your back every day

5 mins. Pr. day can really make a difference for your inner strength. Even small exercise that doesn’t require any equipment and are secured no-sweat exercises. Start slow and don’t overdo it.

Wig-Wag: Lay at your back, bend your knees, and let them rotate slowly from side to side without your back lifts from the floor. It strengthen your lower back and stretch your back. Rotate 10 times.

Knee to chest: Lie at the floor, knees bent and feet flat at floor. Lift one leg at the time and slightly squeeze it into your stomach/chest. Relax your back, keep your head at the ground and breath. Hold it for 30 sec. And repeat with other leg.

If you are up for more light exercises you are welcome at PROS Miami for a free first consultancy.  

Small exercises for your neck that help you relax

Shoulder shrug, chin turn and head tilt. We bet you already know these exercises and know they can be beneficial. Do them in front of the television, take a 1 min. Break at the PC or do it while you are reading your favorite book. These exercises helps you cure neck tensions and makes it easier for you to relax without headache.

Whenever your accident happened we always advise you to seek help at PROS Miami if you still struggle with severe pains or other side effects to your car accident. We are here to help you get your life quality back. First consultancy is for free.

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