As popular legend would tell, in 1759 a burgeoning scientist and politician by the name of one Benjamin Franklin experienced, while flying a kite during a thunderstorm, an electrifying jolt that would revolutionize the world. Though the advent of electricity is undoubtedly a tad more complex than a man flying his kite, the popular anecdote serves to illuminate (pun intended) the profound implications of one of modern history’s most impactful discoveries: electricity. Whether flipping on a light switch, revving up your car, or charging your brand new hoverboard, the industrial world is energized by the indelible effects of this incomparable resource. And now, the same current that courses through a generator to restore power to your home during an outage may also restore, renew, and “restart” the energy flow in your body!

What is EMS?

Though modern medicine has long utilized electricity to assist in medical interventions, only recently has the utilization of the natural electrical current running through the body become the intervention in and of itself. Electrical muscle stimulation (or EMS) is the instigation of muscle contractions via the imposition of an electrical current. By placing adhesive pads on the skin which are connected to electrodes, PROS Miami specialists are able to deliver an electrical current to the body that mimics the action potential of the central nervous system, causing the muscles to expand and contract on demand. This may sound complex, but anyone who’s ever had an overworked calf, a twitching eye, or an unpleasant back spasm knows too well the sensation of muscle contraction! In this case, however, the electrical current that is used to stimulate contraction is precisely placed, used to ultimately *release* the muscle rather than contract it indefinitely, effectively training and reeducating the muscle fibers!

Who’s it For?

In 2010, an elite world congress of researchers on the subject of EMS concluded that EMS “does promote neural and muscular adaptations that are complementary to the well-known effects of voluntary resistance training”, making it an effective tool for both athletes and those in physical rehabilitation alike. In fact, some celebrities have recently become proponents of the practice, using EMS in place of and in conjunction with regular workouts, touting the strengthening and toning benefits of the practice!

In the psychotherapeutic world, the literally revitalizing effects of a precisely delivered electrical shock have been upheld for centuries – up until very recently, electroshock therapy was commonly utilized in extreme cases of depression and mental illness, with notable effect in certain cases. As modern medicine and rehabilitative care advances, however, ever more precise measures of intervention continue to be developed. Though research on the topic of EMS continues to unfold, whether for strength training, rehabilitation, or neuromuscular reeducation, the revitalizing effects of electrical muscle stimulation may be a powerful antidote to many an ailment!

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