How many times have gone to run a quick errand, only wallet and car keys in hand, running to pick up, perhaps, that last ingredient you forgot at the store? If you’re like many Americans, you may consider your cell phone your “fail-safe”, assured that help is only a phone call away in the case of an unexpected emergency.

Yet, this reliance on technology is too often a dangerous practice. Cell phones die, signals fail, and in the case of an emergency on the road – are you prepared? Don’t be caught off guard! Check out our top must-haves for your car safety survival kit:

1.) Registration / Insurance

In the event of an emergency (or, let’s be honest – the event that you’re pulled over due to speeding), it’s essential that you can account for the legal registration and insurance of your vehicle. Are your documents up to date? Are they organized and easily accessible within your glove compartment?

2.) Fire Extinguisher

Sadly, the most recent research suggests that 445 U.S. deaths per year are caused by accident-related vehicular fires. Protect yourself and your passengers by stowing a fire extinguisher in an easy to reach location within your vehicle.

3.) Bottled water

Water, water, water. Comprising approximately 50 – 65% of the makeup of the human body, there’s no more important item than H2O for your emergency checklist. According to the Mayo Clinic, the human body requires approximately 2 liters of water a day for optimal functioning. During exertion (or trauma), this demand can double. Prepare for any eventuality by stocking enough water for multiple passengers in the rear of your vehicle.

4.) Important Phone numbers

In traumatic events, logic and memory can be greatly impaired. To your surprise, you may find that even the most familiar numbers may be beyond your capacity to recall. Ensure help is only a call away by saving emergency contact numbers in your phone, plus maintaining a written copy in your glove compartment.

For the adventurer . . .

But what about more extreme cases? When you venture outside of the protective glow of the city lights, are you prepared for any circumstance? Check out or must-have list for hardcore drivers!

1.) Food

Food, water, shelter. For this critical survival item, think high calorie, high energy. Protein bars, jerky, mixed nuts, and dried fruit are all great (and easily storable!) options for your portable car safety survival kit.

2.) Fire starter

Whether for keeping warm, purifying water, or signaling for help, some method of starting fire is essential – so essential, in fact, that more than one viable fire starter is recommended. A cache of lighters, for example, as well as a piece of flint and waterproof matches.

3.) Multi-purpose knife

No survival kit is complete without a trusty knife! For more bang for your buck and to increase efficiency, we recommend a multi-purpose variety.

4.) Emergency blanket / Sleeping bag

Even in temperate climates, colder night temperatures coupled with inclement weather can quickly turn an urgent situation into a true emergency. Ensure you and your loved ones stay warm against all odds with the inclusion of at least one emergency blanket or sleeping bag for each member of your family.

At PROS Miami, we hope that you’re never forced to crack open your now well stocked survival kit. As the adage goes, however, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! And in the unfortunate case of a car accident, our specialists are only a phone call away.


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