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Torn ACL – What you Need to Know

If you’re an athlete or sports fan – be it of football, basketball, baseball, or tennis – chances are you’ve heard the word “ACL” tossed around a time or two, and with good reason. According to the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine, about 150,000 ACL injuries occur each year, accounting for more than $500,000,000 […]
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Yoga and Injury Recovery

The arrival of a new year is a time of hope, of promise, and for many – of resolutions. Hindsight is twenty twenty, as the saying goes, and on January 1st many awoke determined to turn over a new leaf. Injury recovery, this will mean a renewed dedication to a healthy diet and often, the […]
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4 Chiropractic Benefits Backed by Science

Chiropractic treatments provide tangible benefits to their patients. Doctors of chiropractic are experts of the human nervous system. They understand the anatomy, physiology, and neurology of the human body and devise treatment plans that provide relief to the patients. Chiropractic medicine has helped millions of patients worldwide. The extensive research into the field has shown […]
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What Do Chiropractors Treat Besides Back Pain?

Chiropractic treatment has become synonymous with spinal manipulations for relieving back pain. While it is true that the treatment is highly effective in treating back pain, it is one of the many applications of an extensive scientific field. Experienced doctors of Chiropractic medicine, like those at Pros Miami, can help resolve a lot of common […]
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Is It Worth Going To A Chiropractor If There Is No Pain?

Your body undergoes tremendous pressures every day. This can lead to several problems in your joints and nervous system. Chiropractors work towards holistic health by aligning the body and resetting it to its original state. However, people usually visit a chiropractor when they develop persistent back pain or unbearable neck pain. This attitude towards the […]