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Injured Federal Workers

Points that are of Importance to federal workers compensation Doctors
  1. We have federal workers’ compensation doctors who know how to get their injury claim accepted by the DOL.
  2. We know how to show causation and how to write excellent reports that get claims accepted.
  3. We will begin treatment even if an injury claim has not been accepted yet. We will never wait for claim acceptance to begin treating injured federal workers.
  4. We understand the various forms required by DOL, and we can help injured federal workers get paid when they are hurt at work.
  5. We know how to handle CA17 Duty Status Reports to take workers off work as needed or used restricted duty when a patient can still work at some level.
  6. We treat patients with physical therapy in our offices. We will strengthen injured workers so that they can go back to work without getting reinsured.
  7. We are associated with an imaging facility that will do imaging such as MRI’s even when a case has not been accepted yet.
  8. We will not be intimidated by claims examiners or other officials associated with the DOL. At all times, we will treat patients based on what is medically necessary and indicated for the accepted conditions. Our documentation and billing will always be valid and based on actual medically indicated treatment. Therefore, we will never need to worry about intimidation tactics towards our patients or our office.
  9. We can alleviate work from union leaders who are dealing with work injury problems of their union members.
  10. Federal workers compensation Doctors can help patients with Schedule Award Impairment Ratings using the 6th Edition Guide to Permanent Impairment.
  11. By the very nature of how we handle the patients case we do free claims management.
What Problems do we solve for
  1. We file on DOL instead on their personal health insurance. This saves them money and preserves their lifetime federal work injury benefits.
  2. We are not the “company doctor”. We will always do what is in the best interest of the patients first. While federal workers compensation Doctors will never do anything unethical or illegal, we will never be pressured to do something that is not in the patient’s best interest.
  3. By filing on DOL, we can help them get paid for time off of work and for travel to and from medical care.
  4. We help them with their symptoms with more than just pain pills. As a multi-specialty practice, we can help patients in a variety of ways, including: medications, physical therapy, chiropractic, non-medication pain alternatives such as Tens Units, Back and Knee Braces, Pain Creams, Pstim, Massage, and more as indicated for each injury.
  5. We work closely with their Union Leaders to help them with the problems they otherwise deal with daily to help their injured members.
  6. Patients have the time to focus on getting better and stronger so they can get back to work without getting reinjured.